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NASA, Tesla, aeronautics giants, research labs and many other groundbreaking, world-leading institutions are all staffed with people who have one thing in common. Trailblazers who work in the worlds of science and tech all had an extraordinary spark ignited at one point in their lives that made them driven and destined to build, design, innovate and change the world as we know it.


Minecraft & ROBLOX
  • Minigames
  • MODS

Kids Ages 8-14 in this course learn to code in JAVA and LUA their own M.O.D.S. (Game Modifications) supported by live TeKniK LABS instructors in a SAFE & COLLABORATIVE Virtual Environment using Zoom. Benefits of this program include:


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One-on-one Option: Choose this option if you want your child to attend a personalized Zoom Class with one of our amazing instructors. Classes are scheduled by mutual agreement during morning or afternoon hours. Don’t worry about socializing with other kids, every month we schedule playdates and invite ALL the kids to join and play their coded creations!


Group Setting: Group classes are the perfect environment for kids who are 9 years or older and are comfortable following directions by our instructors. Groups are limited to 6 kids.

Click here to register for one-on-one sessions

Click here to register for one-on-one sessions


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who we are Teknik LABS

L&C Miami Services LLC DBA TeKniK LABS, is a company based in Miami, (United States) dedicated to enriching children’s lives through technology in Computer Science and Robotics. The company initially started teaching LEGO-based S.T.E.M. (Science, technology, engineering, and math) classes by purchasing the exclusive territorial rights of a franchise called Bricks 4 Kidz® for the South West Miami area. In the past 6 years over 4,000 students enrolled in camps, after-school classes, and other activities mainly taught in 35 local public, charter, and private schools.

After 5 years of the successful operation of the Bricks 4 Kidz® franchise, the company initiates the integration and development of computer science and coding-based programs, giving birth to the TeKniK LABS brand. Today, over 100 kids have been actively taking our Online Virtual classes with that number growing week after week from different places around the globe!


By knowledgeable instructors!

TeKniK LABS instructors are young and dynamic individuals who love teaching technology and coding to kids in a safe and collaborative environment. Every instructor is either studying or has already earned their bachelor’s degree in fields related to Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Prior experience of working with kids, alongside a rigorous training session, ensure that our classes have the highest possible quality because your business, and your child’s future are never taken for granted!

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What parents are saying!

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Andrea Rojas Jara
Andrea Rojas Jara
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This place is awesome. I put my 7 year old son this week for summer camp and he has loved it. Definitely recommend this place for any kid who likes to work with legos. Staff is great as well.
Allyson Griffin
Allyson Griffin
Read More
My son attended camp for the first time this week. He loved it! He was very excited bout going every day. The owners are amazing people who are very passionate and professional. I would recommend this camp to any child who loves technology and lego building blocks. Five stars all the way!
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez
Read More
I have an 8 year old son and this is his 1st time going to Bricks 4 Kidz for the summer camp. He had a lot of fun on this past week (his 1st week) and he is so excited to continue the summer there. I wish I was able to attend when I was a kid but I am living it through him. Lina is awesome and I highly recommend her as well as the place.
Claudia Lazarus
Claudia Lazarus
Read More
My son enjoyed every time he assists Bricks for kids he loves the place, lego and robotics and is there where he found his abilities. The owner and personnel are very gentle and kind with all kids.


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