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Minecraft M.O.D.S and Roblox CODING. Learning the language of computers in selected schools.

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Minecraft CODING Mods. Video Game Design.


Minecraft M.O.D.S

Immerse Your Child into a Whole New World of Minecraft! Learn how to CODE Your Perfect M.O.D.S (Game Modifications) to make the game your own!

Boys & Girls Ages 8+ Will Learn coding skills through our advanced drag & drop blocks interface. Each Child Will have the Chance to Learn the Amazing World of CODING While Sharing Their Creations and Collaborating in a Multiplayer Setting. Each Class Is Structured with Different Challenges Based on Specific Goals Related to Both: The Characters and The Environment. This Program is Designed for Boys & Girls Ages 8+ With NO or Limited CODING Experience.

Computers are going to be a big part of our future...and that future is yours to shape

President Barack Obama

Why learn to Code from Steve Jobs

More than 25 year ago Steve Jobs, Apple Co-founder; share his vision of the world and the need to teach our kids how to program computers. Regardless of his people skills, most people agree that his vision has laid the path for the technology tools and resources that have defined our society today. If he envisioned that CODING was going to play a huge part of our future, do you still doubt on the importance of having your child learn how to code?  

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Every girl deserves to take part in creating technology that will change our world, and change who runs it.

Malala Yousafzai-Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Roblox CODING FUN Program


Benefits of coding for kids

Research has shown that learning how to code brings enormous benefits to kids of all ages. The importance not only relies on the high demand of Computer Science professionals have and will continue to have on the near future, but also on the multiple benefits that kids get on their own personal and intellectual development. Some of these benefits are: 


School Programs:

Take place at selected Schools

Located in South Florida

Designed for Boys & Girls

Pick the right class according to the age

Once a week

Each school has a day assigned

Session package

Classes Are Grouped in Sessions of 8 Classes Each.

No materials needed

Computers and Software are includedon registration

No School, no class

We go alonside your school's calendar


What parents are saying!

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Andrea Rojas Jara
Andrea Rojas Jara
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This place is awesome. I put my 7 year old son this week for summer camp and he has loved it. Definitely recommend this place for any kid who likes to work with legos. Staff is great as well.
Allyson Griffin
Allyson Griffin
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My son attended camp for the first time this week. He loved it! He was very excited bout going every day. The owners are amazing people who are very passionate and professional. I would recommend this camp to any child who loves technology and lego building blocks. Five stars all the way!
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez
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I have an 8 year old son and this is his 1st time going to Bricks 4 Kidz for the summer camp. He had a lot of fun on this past week (his 1st week) and he is so excited to continue the summer there. I wish I was able to attend when I was a kid but I am living it through him. Lina is awesome and I highly recommend her as well as the place.
Claudia Lazarus
Claudia Lazarus
Read More
My son enjoyed every time he assists Bricks for kids he loves the place, lego and robotics and is there where he found his abilities. The owner and personnel are very gentle and kind with all kids.